Lunar Phases

Description: This applet displays the current phase of the moon and the time/date of the next four major lunar phases. The current age of the moon, its distance and apogee/perigee dates are also displayed. All times displayed are in UT except for the clock which displays the local time. Lunarphases is a good tool for moon observers. Also a helper for those of you who are influenced by the moon, just check out the full moon time to prepare better. Thanks to Gary Nugent for this free version of 'Lunar Phases'. Visit his homepage for the latest and better version of 'Lunar Phases', which is shareware ($20) and JupSat95 ($5), reviewed in 'Sky & Telescope' (April '99)

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="LunarPhases.class" width="400" height="160">

Author: Gary Nugent
Java Source: Not available
Download: (34k)
Usage: The version above is free for the private use.
The latest version can be puchased at Gary's Homepage.

Lunar Phases received our Silver Award!


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